What do people say about BOOST?

Listen to how people with IBD have helped us to co-develop the BOOST programme.


Download PDF of transcript.


Download PDF of transcript.

Read through these testimonials from users of the BOOST programme.


'It was the urgency that was upsetting me most and not getting to the toilet on time, that was really distressing. But I managed to cope with that at last which is very helpful. That's really helped me a great deal, so thank you very much.'

'Every piece of information you can get about your illness helps you cope with it. The more you understand it the more you can cope with it. Everything I went through was very, very helpful.'

'That was the most beneficial [urgency exercises]. I found that an absolute Godsend, it really did help me. If it hadn't been for that I would probably have to drop the phone every five minutes and run. I'm a lot more confident now that I can actually go out… That was another strategy that's come out of BOOST. That was helpful.'

'I would recommend [BOOST] to anybody who has got Crohn's or UC. I would really recommend it. I can't recommend it enough actually.'


'What I did find useful was the diary popped up every day, how are you feeling, did it affect your social life, your work? I found that was really good as a tracker because it made you think every day about what you were doing. I really liked the sleep diary because from that I realised there were certain things I was doing which were not helping me get to sleep and having now adopted what I set out in my tasks I'm sleeping really well.'

'I genuinely have taken things away from it that I will continue to use now.'


'I've suffered with colitis for ten years now but I found it really useful and I think it will be even more useful to people newly diagnosed. I thought it was supportive. The programme was easy to follow, easy to read. The examples were really, really useful, they just started your thought process a little bit.'

'I think just it makes you think of it in the larger picture not just the actual physical symptoms but also looking at your wellbeing, the slight changes you can make, self-help and looking at what triggers you may come across day to day, particularly with the change in your thought process.'

'I found it amazingly useful really, I really did. All of it really was really good.'